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In Hollywood where all the lights are low
And truth's as rare as the winter snow
She wanted a place arid as her soul
Where her only job was never to grow old

- 'Hollywood Ending', Sleater Kinney


Setting: Hollywood / Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood has always been a draw for changelings. In its heyday it was the heart of the Kingdom of Pacifica, where glamour flowed so freely it was intoxicating. After the Resurgence the wonder of Hollywood's Golden Age gave way to the reality of movie industry as big business brought banality in its wake (and a fair share of bedlam as well). Still enough mortals dream big of making it in Hollywood and where there are dreamers there will always be fae.

Local Holdings and Freeholds

Local Landmarks and Locales

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The Near Dreaming of LA

LA Hot Spots

Famous Faces: Who's Who The LA Scene

It's always a matter of who you know and in LA that couldn't be more true.  LA is home to many powerful and influential kithain, kinain and stranger things yet. Below are some of the most noteworthy fae folk to call the city home.

Local Nobility

Local Commoners

Local Gallain

Local Prodigals