Local Nobility

Well-Known Kithain Nobles

Queen Aeron of House Fiona – queen of the Kingdom of Pacifica.

Duchess Hailde of House Eiluned, duchess of Rising Stars.
Baroness Marija of House Liam, baroness of West Hollywood.
Baron Cheslyn of House Eiluned, baron of North Hollywood.
→ Baroness Liliana of House Fiona, baroness of East Hollywood.

Duchess Deidre of House Gwydion, duchess of Platinum Dreams.
Baron Nagisa of House Gwydion , baron of The Boardwalk.

Duke Comus of House Ailil, duke of the Forbidden Valley.
Baron Brodan of House of House Fiona, baron of Summer Sands.

Duchess Sofia of House Daireann, duchess of Rose Gardens.
Baron William of House Dougal, baron of Sunsets.

Count Teyrn of House Leanhaun, count of Silver Gates.
Baroness Koia of House Syrinx, baroness of Fortune's Bay.

Other Kithain Nobles

  • Dame Madeline Wen – Knight Errant of Queen Aeron's court.

Local Nobility

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