LA Hot Spots


The Arcadian
An art deco bar and lounge in the heart of old Hollywood, it has long been a celebrity hot spot and the place to be seen for those seeking the mingle with the rich and famous of LA.

The Asp Hole
Landmark night club from when The Sunset Strip's was the city's music mecca. The Asp Hole has  a gritty vibe showcasing rock bands on the rise, plus a few headliners. It's a favored hangout for those who long for the heyday of rock and roll in LA.

The Magic Castle
An upscale, private nightclub for magicians that lies in valley of the Hollywood Hills.  It traces it routes back to the earliest days of the entertainment business in the city and is remained enticingly enigmatic for nearly a century.

An EDM/industrial dance club that has really taken off and become a favorite of the younger Hollywood crowd. 

Whisky A Go Go
The anchor of the Sunset Strip, The Whisky has hosted some of the most legendary musicians in the last fifty years and was once one of the hottest night spots in the city but is now more of a reminder of days gone by.

A strip club and topless bar with a strict no photo policy and a velvet rope that is exceedingly exclusive. The Vesuvius's seedy and sultry reputation draws in a very certain crowd.

Downtown LA

The Chateau Regis
A glamorous Art Nouveau style hotel that frequently hosts celebrity guests and the LA elite and holds its guests privacy and security in the highest regard. The Regis has a reputation for excess and indulgence and is where LA's most famous go to escape the public eye.

The Last Round
LA's only remaining authentic dive bar. Located on the southern outskirts of downtown.  No one's really sure how it's manage to stay open given the efforts to clean up and gentrify that part of the city.

The Nocturne Theater
One of downtown LA's oldest theaters which was converted into an exclusive nightclub catering to a clientele of wealthy and well-connected LA youths looking for a thrill.

Revel LA
A four-level nightclub build out of the former LA Stock Exchange building. Revel LA is one of the hottest clubs in the city right now.

LA Hot Spots

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