Duke Comus

Duke Comus ap Ailil

The Duke of the Forbidden Valley, Comus is a young, influential Autumn sidhe with many connections as a Hollywood mogul. A former celebrity himself, Comus has 'retired' in his late 30s and instead represents lots of young talent in the music and film industry as well as the adult entertainment industry.

A self-stylized 'bad boy'  Comus uses his roughish charm and good looks to get what he wants and he doesn't take no for an answer.  Comus likes to talk shit and see what happens. This is how he entered into a long-standing feud with Duchess Deidre who he thinks is a stuck up bitch with no respect for the Queen.

Recently there have been a lot of suspicions regarding his dealings with the thallain. Some believe he's fallen in with the Shadow Court or is doing business with them at least. Comus denies any such rumors claiming it's just slander spread by Deidre.