Baron William

Baron William ap Dougal

William is a old, reclusive grump nocker who once worked for Disney as an imagineer. He helped build many attractions in the House of the Mouse until he became jaded by the corporate side of the business and realized the Banality it brought into the childlike wonder of the theme park.

Since then he's long dreamed of building a fairy-themed amusement park of his own untainted by corporate greed. For years he's worked on several prototype rides and the like on his sprawling private ranch in the Anaheim Hills. However the

William loves children (and childlings since they are children at heart) but can't stand most other people. He is a member of the Toybox and believe him to be its founder. Rumor has it has collected many treasures and relics in his personal holding which he is leveraging to get investment and backing from other nobles to make his park a reality.

Baron William

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