Baron Nagisa

Baron Nagisa ap Gwydion

An eccentric man even by korred standards, Nagisa is a wander who lives where he pleases along The Boardwalk of Venice. Drawn there since his chrysalis he has lived as a homeless beggar for the better part of the last twenty years. 

Of the kithain of LA he is probably one of the most knowledgeable and versed in Gremayre and eccentric lore. Above an old tattoo parlor on the Boardwalk he maintains an occluded library of changeling knowledge which he sometimes trades access to for other favors.

Many people, mortals and changeling alike, call him Sage of the Walk.  With his friendly, expressive face and bushy beard he draws folks into stories and tales getting them to buy him food or drink in exchange.  He often gets wrapped up in weirdness of LA and sometimes drifts through the city on one quest or another.

Officially he serves as Deidre's personal seer and scholar. No one's sure how they came to that arrangement or why considering he's hardly the company she usually keeps. Many think some important secret most be tied up in The Boardwalk and as a korred Nagisa is there protecting it.  Many have asked but the only answer he ever gives is "I just enjoy the view and the smell of the ocean breeze."

Some worry his erratic behavior is signs of Bedlam, but he assures those who inquire that he is in better harmony with himself than most.

Baron Nagisa

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