Baron Brodan

Baron Broden ap Fiona

Young, bright-eyed and carefree, Broden only cares about having a good time. This sidhe childling lives the endless party life style and bring whoever he can along for the ride. He was given the barony over the Summer Sands after drinking Queen Aeron under a table during one of her rare outings.

Broden is all heart and lust for life and that's about it. He's really out of depth when it comes to be a sidhe gets by mostly on his looks and his luck. Behind his back other nobles after call him "baron bro", which he doesn't even realize is an insult. Living wildly, celebrating, enjoying life, isn't that what this whole fae thing is all about, man?

Some suspect Broden just plays dumb to get away with whatever he wants and it could be true. He certainly hasn't done half-bad for himself playing stupid and has developed a devoted inner circles and many dreamers who are fiercely loyal to him and his way of life.


Baron Brodan

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